He could vouch for me, Except I think he might have been passed code reduction speedy out.
I vouch for the quality of my products.
I would vouch for each and every one of them.Well, he's not mymms coupon code 20 here to vouch for that.I give you the rumour as it has reached me; but I cannot, as yet, vouch for its accuracy.It was said, afterwards, we were in five fathoms water at this time, but for this I will not vouch.I can vouch for his reports.I can vouch for the accuracy of those figures.Says his brother's a policeman and will vouch for him.Joseph has an alibi but no-one else has someone who can vouch for where they were.I can vouch for them personally.More meanings of this word and English-Russian, Russian-English translations for vouch in dictionaries.The publisher of this paper will vouch for my entire reliability.Let him once take an interest in the place and the people, and I'll vouch for the rest.I swear to God above, I can vouch for her.Voluntary settlement, voucher, copyright.She seemed to take charge, to adopt me with the house, to accept and audit and vouch for.

I've got Instagram photos posted during the tour itself, and more than a dozen millionaires who can vouch for his whereabouts.